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Services Include:

Onsite Record Searches and Document Retrieval

Criminal,Civil, Probate and Housing at all courts
in the following counties:

Worcester County

Middlesex County

Hampden County

Hampshire County

Franklin County

Online Record Searches Local and National

Sex Offender Registries, Bankruptcy Court, United States District
Court(USDC), Secretary of State, Patriot Act Databases

Real Estate Services

O+E Reports, Deed Reports, One Owner Searches, Two Owner
Searches, Assets & Lien Searches, Courier Services, Bringdowns
and Recordings at the following Registries:

Worcester County North


Worcester County South


Hampden County


Hampshire County


Franklin County


Due Diligence Reports

Assets / Lien Searches


UCC/Fixture Filings

State/Federal Tax Liens

Judgements/Mechanic Liens

Child Support Liens


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